traceability platform for the agriculture supply chain industry.

Our platform use blockchain technology to bring transparency and traceability from the producer to the end customer,
and... to allows the end-customer to tip the producer...



Llanthu Definition


"LLanthu" in Quechua means "Trace". That's the reason why we used the word "LLanthu" as a translation of "traceability" for our transparency & traceability blockchain platform.

We are a startup company from Peru and we are helping customer in the food industry to integrate blockchain technology in their supply-chain management.


How it works?

How it works?

We use many different technologies such as Native Mobile App, Progressive Web Apps, the latest web-technology and blockchain technology to offer a full transparent, traceable online platform for the agro supply chain industry.

  • Native Mobile App: since our main market is South America, and that Android OS has a market share of 90%, we build our application on Android. Native apps provide optimized performance and take advantage of the latest technology, such as a GPS, Geofencing, offline mode and background synchronization capabilities as well as secure and easy user authentication (fingerprint, faceId)
  • a PWA is a web app with improved functionality. Users can "install" progressive web apps with minimal fuss right from the mobile browser—PWAs are simply web pages that get pinned to the home screen.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, immutable digital database that use cryptography to secure transaction.

  • A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are stored on a decentralized database and linked and secured using cryptography.
  • Because it is decentralized, nobody own the information, and nobody can physically connect to the blockchain and delete or modify a record.
  • Because blockchain is using a hashing mechanism, it is tamper-proof and protect it from any possible attempt the change, delete or modify a record.

Our technology

Llanthu is a platform that uses blockchain technology. It main target market is the supply-chain.

On-Chain and Off-chain technology

On-chain / Off-chain Blockchain transactions

  1. On-chain transactions: transactions reflected on the public ledger, visible to all participants on a public blockchain network
  2. Off-chain transactions: transfer agreements between two or more parties, visible only to limited participants on a non public blockchain network

It is important to note that off-chain transactions are reserved for trusted parties, and typically occur between two individuals. Even so, off-chain transactions are becoming increasingly popular due to the following advantages over on-chain transactions.


Blockchain Traceability platform for the agriculture supply chain industry | LLanthu

More than just traceability

Llanthu is building an entire Resource planner on top of the blockchain to help farmer to get

  • Get insight of your production
  • Keep a record of all your assets
  • Keep finances under control
  • Control of employees’ working efficiency
  • Improve the efficiency of your farm

Pay the producer

Pay the producer

We use blockchain to make sure that the producer can receive a small amount of money (tip) directly from the end-customer, at no charges.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that use blockchain technology to transfer money securely, instantaneously and without border.

We use blockchain as well to make sure that the tip given generously by the end-customer will arrive securely, and in full amount to the producer.



PowerFull API

The heart of our platform is our API, a system that connects our platform to any other computer system.

With our API, our platform can connect to any mobile apps (iOS, Android), iOT (Internet of Things) devices, public institution system, company ERP.

Llanthu offers a Graphical UI for anybody to use our application, document their work and help with the traceability of the product. But we can integrate our platform with many automated systems, RFID reader, NFC chip etc...

Traceability with Llanthu is more than an app that can be used by humans, we can handle the traceability from computer to computer.


Some Examples

Wood Traceability Demo

Wood Traceability

Short Example for Wood Traceability

Test our demo
Coffee Traceability Demo

Coffee Traceability

Short Example for Coffee Traceability

Test our demo
Wine Traceability Demo

Wine Traceability

Short Example for Wine Traceability

Test our demo
Cacao Traceability Demo

Cacao Traceability

Short Example for Cacao Traceability

Test our demo
Cheese Traceability Demo

Cheese Traceability

Short Example for Mango Traceability

Test our demo
Potatoes Traceability Demo

Potatoes Traceability

Short Example for Potatoes Traceability

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